The Good Food Centre accepts new volunteers on an ongoing basis. Volunteers play a crucial role in maintaining the daily operations of the centre while also providing rich insights, skills, and experiences.  A variety of roles catered to different interests are available including roles in urban agriculture, intake and support, fundraising, and event planning.

All interested applicants must be able to commit to at least one (1) shift a week for a duration of a least two (2) hours or more. Volunteers must also be able to commit to one mandatory group training annually. 

Get started by emailing foodcentre@rsuonline.ca with the subject line “Interested Volunteer”

Intake Support Volunteer

This role involves working directly with members of the service to assist them in accessing the food bank and service resources. These volunteers interact with a variety of marginalized populations and must possess strong interpersonal skills. This position is well suited for volunteers looking to gain experience in food security, social services, and administration roles. All interested applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of previous experience.

Duties include:

  • Providing assistance and support to food bank members
  • General reception duties
  • Stocking shelves and checking expiration dates
  • Generating content for centre’s blog as directed by supervisor(s)
  • Ensuring that the environment is clean and a safe at all times
  • Meeting strict confidentiality standards at all times

Outreach Volunteer

Outreach is a crucial component of our work at the Good Food Centre so that the Ryerson community is aware of our events, services, and programs. Outreach volunteers promote the Good Food Centre by tabling at events, postering throughout campus, and creating online awareness of student food security issues. This position is well suited for individuals who are outgoing, enjoy meeting new people, and are able to work with minimal supervision.

Duties include:

  • Collaborating with centre staff to develop new outreach ideas and strategies
  • Assisting with weekly outreach events as to be determined
  • Promoting the Good Food Centre through social media and other online avenues
  • Updating and maintaining the centre’s social media with relevant articles and news
  • Networking with other Ryerson services and departments to promote the centre
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and on a semi-independent basis.

Research Assistant Volunteer

The Ryerson Students’ Union publishes an annual report on the state of campus food insecurity. This groundbreaking report is covered in local news and catches the attention of several local and national non-profit organizations. The Good Food Centre is currently looking for one or two volunteers to assist with next year’s publication. Applicants interested in pursuing a career in education, social policy, research, and academia are encouraged to apply.

Duties include:

  • Inputting demographic information into a database
  • Researching the root causes of student poverty and food insecurity
  • Suggesting changes to the research design and process
  • Staying up to date on research concerning post-secondary hunger and food insecurity
  • Participating on efforts to collect qualitative data through interviews

Receiving, Stocking and Merchandising Volunteer

The Good Food Centre receives deliveries every Tuesday from Daily Bread Food Bank. Receiving the shipment in a timely and respectful manner is crucial to the operation of the Good Food Centre.

Duties include:

  • Unloading the skid onto the GFC cart and bringing the delivery to the GFC
  • Stocking the GFC shelves in an organized, categorical way
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes and bringing them to the recycling bin
  • Portioning bulk items