Drop-in Food Bank

Ryerson members in need are able to receive free food through our on-campus food bank. Through the Daily Bread Food Bank, Ryerson Urban Farm and our community garden, the Good Food Centre offers perishable and non-perishable food items. Vegetarian/vegan options are also available. Interested community members must register for a food bank membership to access this centre by contacting The food bank is located at SCC209, on the second floor of the student centre. Operational hours vary term-to-term – find our current hours here. (link to contact page with hours)

The Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is a nonprofit fresh fruit and vegetable distribution service provided by FoodShare Toronto. The top-quality assortment of produce is mainly sourced from local farmers depending on what is in season and what is reasonably priced at the time. Several different sizes and kinds of food boxes are available to meet a variety of needs. Good Food Boxes can be ordered through the Member Services desk on the first floor of the student centre. You do not have to be a Ryerson student, faculty, or staff member to purchase a Good Food Box.

Community Garden

During the spring, summer, and early fall months, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers grow a variety of organic food on-site to provide our food bank program with fresh, local, and sustainable produce. We prioritize growing vegetables that are nutrient dense, easy to grow, and costly to purchase at retail prices. Generally, we grow chard, kale, tomatoes, summer squash, lettuces, beets, pole beans, cucumbers, and broccoli.

Using the principles of permaculture, our gardens are pesticide and chemical free and we do our very best to work in harmony with pests and rodents. This means we avoid using traps and poisons at all costs and brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our crops so that we can foster a healthy and happy ecosystem.


The Good Food Centre is host to numerous resources concerning eating on a budget. These include: cost-saving strategies, recipes, and Toronto wide community food resources. Visit our Recipe Database or Resources Page for more information.