Eat Up Meet Up

Eat Up Meet Up is a cooking workshop series that brings together Ryerson students to explore the power of community and food. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new skills, recipes, and food related knowledge. The workshops provide an opportunity for students to have a tactile experience working with food in a group using an industrial kitchen. Participants take home and leftover food and recipes used. The recipes are centred on making your dollar stretch with easy, time-saving meals that can travel with you to campus, work, and more. Eat Up Meet Up events are always vegan, halal, and kosher. The workshop is free and operates out of Regent Park Community Food Centre.

Soup 4 Cents

Soup 4 Cents is a one-a-month fundraiser for the GFC. Prepared soup cups are sold outside of the student centre at a PWYC (pay what you can) price. In the winter months, it can make a huge difference in a student’s busy day to have a warm soup in exchange for some pocket change. All soups are vegan and are usually made from products obtainable from our Good Food Boxes and all funds raised go back into Good Food Centre programming.

Community Dinners

Community dinners are hosted in the Good Food Centre and Equity Service Centre lounge where a meal is prepared collectively and then shared in the space. The event provides an opportunity for students to cook and have a free meal on campus with other community members. We use a combination of ingredients available in the GFC and inexpensive grocery store or farmer’s market ingredients so that participants are able to duplicate the recipe at a low cost on their own.

Foodies Fair

The Good Food Centre hosts an annual Foodies Fair, located on Gould St or in the lobby of the SLC. The Foodies Fair is intended to celebrate the inspiring work being done by food justice organizations across Toronto, while also providing an opportunity for Ryerson community members to learn more about our services, food insecurity on campus, and participate in cooking and gardening demos.