Become A Member

Any Ryerson student, staff, or faculty is eligible to attend our events, cooking workshops and utilize our Good Food Box service without being a food bank member. If you are interested in utilizing our food bank service, you will need to go through a short process to become a registered member of the Good Food Centre.

Steps Required for Becoming a Member

1. Become familiar with our policies and how our food bank service works

Our food bank program is intended for Ryerson students, staff, and faculty who are experiencing food insecurity or at risk of experiencing food insecurity in the immediate future. Become familiar with our community guidelines to decide if our food bank service is right for you.

2. Send an email to our intake address

Email with the subject title “New member”. We will respond within 1-2 working days with a link to make an appointment.

3. Attend an appointment with one of our intake staff

Our intake staff are students just like you. They know first hand just how hard it can be to make ends meet between paying for tuition, textbooks, rent, and food. During your appointment, an intake staff member will discuss your needs, what you hope to get from the service, and how the service works. After attending an appointment, you will be issued a membership card and will have full access to the food bank until the end of August. Please note that memberships expire each year on August 31st and current Ryerson students, staff, and faculty are required to re-register annually.