Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Please keep in mind:

1) The Food Bank operates on an honesty basis with an open door policy. This means that members are not required to prove their need for the service; however they must be a part of the Ryerson community.

2) The Food Bank operates as a relief program for those that are struggling with financial obligations resulting in food insecurity. It is up to community members to self-evaluate and decide if they would like to access the food bank, workshops, events and related resources.

3) Members get 10 points/credits each week. Those with dependents get an additional 5 credits per dependent to a maximum of 25 credits. Credits cannot be carried over—the allotted amount is reset each week.

4) Employees and volunteers hold the right to place limits on certain items. These limits may change with limited notice to meet the service’s demands. Attempting to barter item limits is not acceptable.

5) Engaging in hostile behaviour with other service users, e.g. how long they are taking or the food items they are selecting, will not be tolerated.

6) The Good Food Centre is an anti-oppressive space free from all forms of discrimination. By accessing this service you agree to respect all staff, volunteers and service users and will not participate in oppressive actions or use harmful language. Failure to comply with this will result in your membership being suspended or revoked.