About Us

The Good Food Centre (GFC) is one of six equity services provided by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) to offset the challenges of post-secondary education. As one of the oldest post-secondary food relief programs in Canada, the service has been housed in multiple locations under several names. From a grassroots effort championed by a few vocal students to a fully funded service under the RSU umbrella, the Good Food Centre has emerged as a leader in post-secondary food security advocacy.

The GFC provides hunger relief for those struggling with financial obligations, poverty and underemployment. Through several services we assist full and part-time students, staff, and faculty from the Ryerson community to overcome financial obstacles by providing access to food through a drop-in food bank, workshops and educational events. Along with programming, the Good Food Centre also works to eliminate the barriers of food insecurity by advocating for food rights in the community abroad.

At the GFC, we understand that accessing food on a limited budget can be difficult and that food needs can fluctuate due to numerous and often unforeseen circumstances. To meet these challenges, the GFC operates on an honesty basis with an open door policy. This means that our service members do not need to prove their need for the service.